26 Jul 2017

The Society is now a member of National Hunter

We’re pleased to announce that we have recently become members of National Hunter – an application fraud prevention agency. This is to ensure we are protecting our members from financial crime.

Commenting on the membership, Adam Henderson, Financial Crime Specialist said “We are pleased to be joining an industry wide collaborative platform for proactive fraud risk management. Obtaining National Hunter Membership will allow the Society to proactively detect inconsistencies in mortgage applications. This will help us to prevent fraud losses and ensure that we maintain our financial strength whilst protecting our member’s money.”

As part of the change, we have produced revised application forms, and these will need to be used from 24th July 2017. If you have already started an application form prior to 24th July 2017, we will accept it if submitted prior to 4th August 2017. Following this date we will no longer accept the old form, and will return any applications submitted on the incorrect form.

Please visit our documents page to download the new version of the application forms. Please ensure you delete any saved templates from your computer.