We remain firmly committed to conducting all our affairs in an ethical and socially responsible manner. In particular we recognise that the major part of the Society's business and membership is drawn from the local communities within which we operate. Consequently we actively endeavour to identify with and support those communities.

We provide support in terms of both finance and practical assistance to local charities, worthwhile causes and community based organisations.


During the past year assistance has been provided to numerous Youth Sporting Leagues and Bodies, Church, School and Charity fetes and events, Amateur Music, Drama and Choral Societies, and various community-based support organisations.

Any requests for support or sponsorship should be made in writing and addressed to our Marketing Department at our Head Office Address, or email us your request at

Charitable Foundation

The Society operates its own Charitable Foundation designed to assist worthy causes within our local area. Last year, this was utilised to provide support for 25 locally based organisations covering a wide spectrum of social needs.

>> To find out more and to apply for an Award, please visit the Society’s main website at